I have a modern, clean, and elegant studio with secure and discreet entry in the Hollywood neighborhood, just east of the Broadway Bridge.


I have a fully stocked bathroom with unscented bath products, a killer shower head, fluffy towels, and comfy robes. A shower at the start of the session is offered and required in most circumstances.


I am also happy to come to your upscale hotel for a two hour session or longer.

HOURS OF AVAILABILITY: I'm neither an early bird, nor a night owl. I prefer sessions that start between noon and 9pm, but I make exceptions with the correct incentive...


My screening policy is quick and easy. I do an identity verification by way of a picture of your government issued ID, or work verification through a company website with a listed and verified email or phone number. A deposit may also be required for longer sessions, or if you've cancelled on me last minute in the past. I no longer take references (though I will provide them), and I do not accept board handles and reviews. I get along best with those who see the mutual value and safety in my screening process.


I assume any person feeling drawn to me, and having made it this far into my website is a grown-ass adult, and knows better than to send lewd, unbearably brief, long, or explicit emails, and I cherish you for it. Think "business proprietor" not "Tinder hook up" (but honestly why not just treat every woman with respect, regardless of circumstance?).

Let's Meet!

Just have a quick question? email me at misspoppyblack@gmail.com

Do you prefer...



Please have your donation ready, and leave it on the hallway table at the very beginning of our session.  Please don’t make me ask for it, or discuss my rates.  If we are meeting in public, place your donation in a greeting card envelope, a gift bag, or a book.  With that out of the way, we can relax and enjoy ourselves.



If you appear drunk or intoxicated, I will end our session immediately without refund.  I enjoy sharing a drink or a joint on occasion with a client, but please arrive sober, and ask before bringing alcohol or marijuana into my space. Consent is sexy, and seriously, if you're tanked, I cannot ethically be intimate with you. 



Please accept my offer of a shower or arrive freshly showered (within the hour) having used a washcloth and soap in all your nooks and crannies, as well as fresh breath and clean and trimmed nails. I have a shower with amazing pressure and all the products you need to get squeaky clean, should you be coming from the office or the airport. I am always happy to give you space and time to freshen up at the start and end of the session.


If you arrive early, be prepared to wait in your car or somewhere nearby.  I appreciate you planning ahead and making it on time, but it’s important for security and discretion not to wait in front of my building. If you are late, I will try to give you your full session, but require my rate for the session booked, regardless.


If we are spending more than two hours together, some out-and-about social time must be included, unless selecting the Netflix and Chill option. If you are not interested in spending some quality time engaging in conversation, and mutually enjoyable activities like dinner, theater, museums, ballgames, hiking, etc., we're probably not a good fit.


Four hour sessions include a dinner date.

I require at least six hours beauty sleep for overnights, and you must feed me delicious and substantial snacks and take me for a walk at least every five hours for extended sessions (except when we're sleeping, of course). Take care of your Tamagotchi pet!


A 25% deposit is required via cashapp for sessions of four hours or longer. It's easy to download and set up on your smart phone.

If you cancel a last minute session, it's generally not a problem, unless you make it a habit, in which case I will require you to prepay in full for all future sessions.

If you no-show, or cancel last minute for a prebooked session, I will require a 50% cancellation fee, paid electronically. Depending on circumstance, I may require you to prepay in full for future sessions.