Introducing 'Netflix and Chill' Packages!

Hey babes! I'm so excited to be combining three of my favorite things: Excellent media (or sometimes excellently trashy media), delicious snacks, and snuggle time with my favorites.

Each month I will have several packages on offer. A four hour session which includes: Two movies, or a bingeable show, paired with themed snacks. Once a package is snatched up it's gone forever (or until I'm ready to watch that film again).

All snacks will be gluten free, since I have celiacs, but please let me know if you have any other allergies, and I will modify the menu.

The evening begins at 7pm or 8pm at my private studio. Please book with at least 48 hours lead time and a 25% deposit. Refer to my website for rates. Packages are all inclusive!

So, what's available for February??? Read on to find out!

A Night with Miyazaki

Two Miyazaki films of our choosing.

Since there are so many films to choose from, this will be on offer regularly.


  • Miso buttered popcorn with furakake

  • Yuzu and shiso sake slushies

  • Sushi rolls from Bamboo Sushi

Twin Peaks

The show that set the precedent for all good modern television, and frankly is too scary for me to watch alone. Let's dive in.


  • Cherry pie and (decaf) coffee

  • Local hard cider

  • Buttered popcorn with rosemary

The Many Sides of Patrick Swayze

Road House and To Wong Foo

Bless you Patrick Swayze. You are an angel who left this world too soon, and we will never forget your gifts, or acting range (Substituting Point Break for Road House is acceptable).


  • Short ribs from the People's Pig

  • Strawberry ice cream

  • Very cheap beer

  • Buttered popcorn

Blood Thirsty

Only Lovers Left Alive and What we do in the Shadows

Want a different vampire double feature? Just ask! I looooove vampires. True Blood is also an option.


  • Red velvet cupcakes

  • La Luna Lambrusco

  • Popcorn with paprika and garlic salt

  • Beet salad

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