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Dive a little deeper, or stay in the shallow end. Either way you'll still get wet.

As wild and lush as the place I call home

Like most conscious humans, the pandemic era has deeply and irrevocably changed me: for better or worse? Well that's like asking if a tree is worse off for having grown crooked around power lines--it's just what is. We respond to our environment, and we are not owed unfettered safety in this universe. Always an introvert, I have moved deeper into a peaceful hermitage. I like to say I'm living a witch-of-the-woods life in the city. At this point I would say my personality is a cross between Elizabeth Bennett and Rustin Cohle; you may find that terrifying, confounding, deeply hot, or a combination of all three.

On paper, a companion living the jet-set travel, michelin-dining lifestyle of endless events and engagements may seem like the more exiting option. However, I think my fellow introverts know that a woman allowed to travel uninterrupted into the recesses of her mind and imagination is the truly adventurous choice. An action-packed lifestyle, while fun (for some people, I guess), can sometimes be a distraction or substitute for personal growth, development, and creative expression. I prefer the danger of a question that took years of introspection to develop over the danger of catching Covid for the twelveteenth time at a stadium concert; I love my immune system intact, but I'm just wacky that way.

There is no "back to normal," but you and I always knew that normal was a lie. So let's find solace in each other's care, and feed our wild desire to experience joy and pleasure, as the mindless masses sleepwalk around us. You and I are wide awake; we must steal our joy where we can.

Your co-conspirator in adventure

I approach new relationships with a sense of collaboration and creativity.  I crave an intellectual connection as much as a physical one. My vortex-opening conversation skills are legendary. Hold on tight, or you will get lost in the void! I'm not your therapist, your muse, or the answer to all your problems. I am however, a very good time. I'm interested in who you are--the ways we're alike, the ways we're different. I'm funny! Of all the gin joints in all the towns, you walked into mine, and that alone gives you a story to tell. In a lot of ways I did become the scientist and detective I dreamed of being when I was young--I'm curious and dogged about what's present. Existence is a hell of a mystery, and I'll forever be on the case.

Tastes and proclivities

I like my appointments set in stone, but once we're together, you'll find me to be a very spontaneous and easy-going date. I prefer loose itineraries. I have a phd in rest and relaxation; but I do want to be on time for that class, dinner reservation, and showtime. I'm more reticent about travel these days, due to the pandemic, as well as environmental and cultural impact, so let's be intentional and make the best damn travel plans anyone has ever put together. I love casually exploring cities, wandering into cafes, museums, and art galleries, stumbling across street performers, falling into conversation with a stranger in the park.

I'm more comfortable and settled in my skin these days with my 30's in the rear-view mirror. However, you'll find me quite youthful in personality and visage. Is it the ADHD, or is it the Peter Pan complex? Give me a pack of sour patch kids and let me wax ecstatic about homoeroticism in Point Break as I wrap my superhero thighs around you; it's all foreplay to me. I laugh easily and often. I don't know if I'd describe myself as genderfluid, but I wear my womanhood rather loosely and carelessly these days; I often like certain men in a gay way and others in a straight way--if you know, you know.

I'm a well-balanced hedonist. I've dabbled in kink and BDSM (I'd describe myself as a nurturing top), but I'm much more driven by the chemistry and the energy we create together, whether that be dark and intense, light and joyful, or everything in between. Basically, if you're more interested in fixating on your kink or fetish, or have a menu of acts to be performed, then we're not a good fit. If there's something you want to explore and we have a stellar connection, I'm game. You'll find me more open, playful, and dynamic the longer we know each other and the more our trust builds. 



Portland, Oregon--travel ready


B.A. from one of those small West Coast liberal arts colleges, A.A. in apparel design


40ish, or as I like to say--elder millennial




34G (34FF UK) bra/Large bottoms


US 8/EUR 39


None! (Unbelievable but true)


70s playboy centerfold, suave tomboy with muscles  and too many curves, time traveling Gibson Girl, vintage clothes and radical politics

Favorite Things


all world cuisines that pack a punch in regards to flavor, texture, and heat (gluten free, because I'm cursed with celiacs).


Ox, Andina, Murata, Pambiche, Eem


Medium  South American  roasts, cold ferments, moka pot devotee, always with cream and honey


A drive to the coast with 90's jams, sunset on the beach, crab boil dinner, sauna and cold plunge, netflix and chill, a slow morning of coffee and toast over our current reads


Besides everyone's favorite? weight lifting, cycling, yoga, saunas, and beaches


Making clothes, cooking, reading, foraging, writing, furniture refurbishing, copious amounts of TV and film


Anything outdoors or crowd-free. Museums, movies, art galleries. Let's put on our N95 masks and explore.


My first tattoo, rare DVDs, Mikko donuts, cinnamon roll or maple bar from New Cascadia, indoor plants, seasonal coffee beans, wild caught king salmon, grass fed steak, gift cards from Bolt Fabric, Powell's, Sephora, Doe Bay, Bamboo Sushi, Harlowe and Fox, money sent to $LuxeArts via cashapp, or anything from my wishlist

Media Consumption


Indiscreet, Queen Margot, Moonstruck, I am Love, Call me by your Name, Tampopo, Dirty DancingBefore Sunrise, Grosse Point Blank, Wayne's World, Bram Stoker's Dracula


Brassic, Letterkenney, Mad Men, Supernatural, Twin PeaksTrue Blood, Mr. Robot, Reservation Dogs, True Detective S1, Better Call Saul, X Files, Peaky Blinders


City of Girls, The Scapegoat, The Overstory, The Master Butcher's Singing Club, Perfume; the Story of a Murderer, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Summer Sons, Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl


This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About, Tusk, Horses, O, Keep it like a Secret, channel ORANGE, Mother Juno, In through the out Door, Hey What, Asa Breed, Aretha Franklin Sings the Blues

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