My life has not been a straight line by any means. I did not spend my girlhood planning my wedding or playing house. I dreamed of travel, adventure, and independence (I may have wanted to be a marine biologist, so I could swim with the manatees in the Amazon, but also wanted to be a hardened gumshoe). There are a lot of aspects of our culture's expectations that have never made sense, so I have carved my own path, and gathered my fellow weirdos and libertines to me along the way. Perhaps you crave the same.

It's what has led me here, offering my gifts of open connection, sensual collaboration, and  mojo retrievals. I'm less a muse than a partner in crime, a co-conspirator. It's at my feet that you shed all the roles you're expected to play in your everyday life. Self care is not just bubble baths and spa days; it's about betting on yourself, taking risks, being vulnerable. It's learning to heed your gut when it says, "fuck yes!"

I don't say this with arrogance, but your life could quite literally change when you start seeing me; not because I am exceptional, but because your higher self is asking to shake things up, and you are finally saying YES, YES, YES!


I feel eternally blessed and privileged to have a career that offers me so much freedom and free time, as my interests are endless. I am a renaissance woman--an enthusiastic, but not masterful: Writer, textile artist, chef, songbird, bon vivant, dandy, river goddess, interior decorator, and book nerd. I'm more intentional and reticent about travel these days due to both environmental and cultural impact, so you'll most often find me at home in Portland. 

And speaking of passions, I am solidly in my sexual prime. I'm much closer to 40 than 30, and I feel more comfortable in my skin and sexuality than ever. I am quite youthful, both in personality and visage. My soft yet muscular curves were made to be touched. I am bisexual, though I am more often attracted to men and masculine non-binary folks (but I do love couples). Personality and a kind heart is what really draw me in, though. I am like a sultry kitty cat--lured in by back caresses, raw salmon, and toys ;)

I'm a well-balanced hedonist. I dabble in kink and BDSM (I'm kind of a holistic domme), but I'm much more driven by the chemistry and the energy we create together, whether that be dark and intense, light and joyful, or everything in between. Basically, if you're more interested in fixating on your kink or fetish, than playing with our dynamic, we're not a good fit. If there's something you want to explore and we have a stellar connection; I'm game.


AGE: Late 30's

HEIGHT: 5'7"

DRESS+CUP SIZE: US 6 to 8, 34G


STYLE: Feminine tomboy

MUSIC: Fleetwood Mac, Frank Ocean, Matthew Dear, Nina Simone, Patti Smith, Destroyer

PODCASTS: You're Wrong About, Maintenance Phase, Behind the Bastards

CUISINES: Vietnamese, Northern Thai, Korean BBQ, sushi, Oaxacan, farm to table, pizza (unfortunately must be gluten free, because I'm cursed with celiacs)

PORTLAND RESTAURANTS: Nong's Khao Man Gai, Andina, Murata, Pambiche

FOOD CARTS: Tierra del Sol, Chicken 'n' Guns

CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: My moka pot, nude beaches


TYPE: Softly masculine and tender hearted nerds

RECENT READS: City of Girls, The Magicians, The Scapegoat

GIFTS: Local blooms, gift cards to Bolt Fabric BoutiquePowell's, EtsySolstice Intimates, Doe Bay, Sephora, Airline miles, elegant lined notebooks, and seasonal local fruit and fish. (Sewing and reading are my biggest hobbies, so I really love gift cards to Powell's and Bolt more than anything)